August 14, 2008

Daniel's cousins were over for a sleepover so we worked on something I had been thinking about for quite some time. Well, the initial work is done and I can now reveal The Sleepover Project. I hope you enjoy it!


August 3, 2008

Quick update! Pictures from our Wyoming trip!


September 25, 2005

Wow...long time no update. I took a trip in July and again in August and the one in August was the first one that Britt accompanied us. Here's the pics. Disneyland 2005 the picture speak volumes! And let's see...well..Britt and I started a "little project" on the Jeep this weekend that got a little out of hand. Ever tug on a loose thread on a sweater? Well...again...the pictures speak volumes...
Jeep 1, Jeep 2, Jeep 3, Jeep 4, Britt pausing the nice thing is that Britt did alot of the hands on as well. Oh, and she spent the weekend with us. What a great time. Hopefully we'll be working on it again soon as I'd just as soon that the Jeep did not sit in this condition!


February 26, 2005

Real quick it sure to check the videos! Britt and Daniel Skiing


October 30, 2004

Hmmnn...well...someone's been remiss in keeping my site up to date and current...oh yeah...that would be me. Anyway, our soccer season is over.... ...but our final game was a hard fought tie at 3-3. The kids played hard and have really started to show that they are growing and pulling together better. Learning teamwork...I LOVE IT! Anyway...I finally got my lazy butt in motion and put the 5th game that I shot into a gallery...without further they are! The 5th Game Fall of 2004. Coming soon will be ....when I get a chance to get the reconfiguration done.


September 13, 2004

Ok...ridiculously long spans between kinda busy! Here's the latest of my pics...Britt and I went on The Ultimate Rush tonight....I think the pictures speak for themselves! The Ultimate Rush


September 11, 2004

Soccer Season again! Gotta love it! And here are somce pics from the first game. If you see some you like and want the larger version shoot me an Email! Game 1

June 15, 2004

Pfftt! 6 months since my last can see where my priorities are to be certain! Soccer seasons over... I don't care what anyone says....Soccer rules! So, what's next here? Who knows?...stay tuned...

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